Young Alumni Program - FAQ's

General Questions

What is the Young Alumni program?

  • The Young Alumni Program is an exclusive club, in which recent UGA graduates will have an opportunity to request renewable season tickets at a special rate.

How do I know if I qualify for this program?

  • If you have graduated from UGA with any degree (Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral, Professional Student) within the past five years (May 1, 2009 – May 31, 2014) you qualify to request season tickets through the Young Alumni Program.

Where will the tickets be located?

  • Tickets will be allocated in the best seating available based on your annual contribution.

How many tickets can I request?

  • Qualifying Young Alumni can request a maximum of 2 tickets as part of this program.

How much will I be charged if I qualify for this program?

  • The only cost in the first year of the program is the price for renewable season tickets ($40/per seat x number of home games) plus a non-refundable $15 handling charge. The Georgia Bulldog Club will also provide you with a $250/seat donation credit that will assist in future years!

Ticket Assignments

How will tickets be assigned?

  • Each qualifying Young Alumni participant that submits a ticket application by March 31st, complete with payment information, will be considered for season tickets. Qualification for the program AND seat location will be determined by a lottery.

Can I request to sit beside a spouse, family member, friend, etc.?

  • Yes. There will be an opportunity on the ticket application to request to be seated beside someone else. Please note that if a special seating request is made, both applicants must be UGA graduates and qualify for the program. Seats will be assigned together, using the lottery spot of the applicant furthest from #1.

If I request to sit beside someone and I receive tickets, but they do not; will I still get my tickets?

  • Yes. You will receive your tickets based on your number in the lottery.

If I did not qualify in 2013, will tickets still be available in 2014?

  • Yes. Each year, The Georgia Bulldog Club will allocate 10% of the ticket inventory available prior to the donor season ticket assignments for this program. If you are a future graduate, or you do not qualify in the first year and still fall within the five year window, you can keep trying!

I did not receive tickets in 2013, but am still eligible to request tickets based on my graduation date. How do I request tickets?

    You will automatically be sent a ticket application. By submitting your application you will be re-entered into the lottery. If you are chosen to receive tickets you will get an email notifying you that you have received tickets and giving you instructions on how to proceed.

If I did not receive tickets in 2013 and re-apply in 2014, do I have a better chance of receiving tickets?

  • Unfortunately, there is no priority for receiving Young Alumni tickets. Everyone applying for the 2014 season will be entered into the lottery and have an equal chance of receiving tickets.

Can I keep my seats in future years?

  • Yes. Should you decide that you would like to keep your season tickets after the first season, you can do so by again paying for your renewable season tickets and by making a $125/seat donation (The Georgia Bulldog Club will match that donation!) After the 2nd year of the program, you will be required to pay for your season tickets and make the appropriate donation ($250/per seat) for your seats.

Renewing Young Alumni Tickets

When is the deadline for donating?

  • The deadline for submitting your donation is February 15, 2014.

When is the deadline for submitting my ticket application?

  • The deadline for submitting your ticket application is March 31, 2014. Applications will be available on March 1, 2014.

Can I move my seat location?

  • You may request to move your seat location. Requests to relocate will be subject to availability and assigned based on cumulative score.

If I want to move to a better section in Year 2, can I just donate more and move?

  • If you would like to try and move out of the Young Alumni sections you may increase your donation and request to move. Again, requests to relocate will be subject to availability and assigned based on cumulative score.

If I increase my donation in Year 2 will The Georgia Bulldog Club match the amount I give?

  • No. The Georgia Bulldog Club will match what you would have given for Young Alumni tickets ($125 per ticket).


Can I request single game or away game tickets?

  • Unfortunately, this opportunity is only available for season ticket packages.

If I qualify for the program and decide to return to Georgia to pursue another degree, can I qualify for this program again?

  • If you received tickets through the Young Alumni Program based on your first graduation date, you cannot qualify again for tickets.
  • If you did not receive tickets based on your first graduation date you can either:
    • Have a one-time $750 point credit added to your William C. Hartman Fund account.
    • Re-enter the lottery and be eligible to request tickets for 5 years after your latest graduation date.

Can I add tickets to my account after my first year in the program?

  • Unfortunately, during the first two years in the program you will only be allowed to have two tickets per account. In year three you can request additional tickets, assuming you have met the donation requirement for your request.

I recently got married and my spouse and I both have tickets. Can we merge our accounts?

  • You and a spouse may merge your accounts AFTER Year 2. The tickets can only be in one person’s name and accounts cannot be separated once they have been merged.

If I requested only one ticket in 2013, can I request a 2nd ticket in 2014?

  • Yes. You may request a 2nd ticket; however The Georgia Bulldog Club cannot guarantee that your request will be filled.

I am already a Hartman Fund donor with renewable season tickets; however I qualify for the Young Alumni program. What are my options?

  • If you make a minimum donation of $100 to the William C. Hartman Fund, we will apply a one-time $750 donation credit to your existing account in March. This will be added onto your cumulative score; however it does not represent an annual gift.
  • As an existing Hartman Fund donor, you may still apply for the Young Alumni program, however if you apply, you will not receive the $750 point credit.

    *For more information about these options please contact Sameer Vashisht at 706-542-9220 or email him at

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